Friday, June 24, 2016

Condoms reducing STDs and pregnancies?

Well, according to David Limbaugh, a National Bureau of Economic Research study finds that free availability of condoms in schools correlates to a 10% rise in teen pregnancy and a rise in STDs to boot. Here's another article about the study.  Interestingly, a supporter of comprehensive sex ed, Christina Cauterucci of Slate, gives the reason; she noted that condom giveaways are  helpful to teens that want to have sex, are too embarrassed to buy a condom, and are reluctant to have sex without them.

Well, yes.  That's precisely what conservatives have been telling the country since I was a child.  Giving away condoms to kids tells them that it's OK to have sex before marriage.  Thank you, Ms, Cauterucci.  Thank you, NBER.

Now, can we stop doing this?

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