Monday, April 28, 2014

The perfect ambassador for pro sports?

Yes, I'm talking about Donald Sterling, of course.  How so?

Well, we have a man who, like a large portion of professional athletes--like the one he didn't want photographed with his ex-girlfriend--is not faithful to his wife.  As a former divorce lawyer and slumlord, he has numerous ethical lapses in his business career--just like the "pay to play" and "get richer quick" schemes that have impoverished so many retired athletes.   Like all too many athletes, he's flashy in his personal style, spends enormous amounts of money on entertainment, and his thinking leaves something to be desired.  To wit, he apparently objected to his girlfriend's taking pictures with Magic Johnson, but apparently he would have had no problem if she'd slept with the HIV-positive basketball legend.  Like many professional athletes, he (move to LA from San Diego) seems to be something of a financial mercenary.

And, like all too many professional athletes, he's got some repugnant personal views that are ignored in the name of the game until those views get too obvious to ignore, and he even had (like many pro athletes) organizations like the NAACP conned in this regard--again, at least until his views became too obvious to ignore.

In other words, he's the perfect representative of the game, at least until the NBA decides to get serious about the moral and ethical lapses of its owners, players, and office staff.


Maeve said...

I don't know - they all seem to deserve one another.

Bike Bubba said...

Exactly, but I still get a touch grouchy about helping to pay them by subsidizing arenas and stadiums.

Maeve said...

Oh I completely agree with you on that aspect. The whole subsidizing aspect is ridiculous.

Gino said...

bubba, not sure if you know about this yet..

Bike Bubba said...

Gino, yes, heard and praying. And I've got to link him and Elspeth's new site sometime. Call me behind the ball, it's fair.