Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let me get this straight......

....according to Chief Justice Roberts and four others, the government cannot order us to purchase a product based on the Commerce Clause.  However, the government apparently can order us to purchase a product as long as the incentive to purchase that product is described as a tax.

In related news, an East India Company spokesperson noted his gratification with this decision and reiterated calls for compensation for the wanton destruction of its wares on Boston Harbor.

Seriously, apart from the fact that the Obama administration furiously argued that the noncompliance fine was not in fact a tax, this makes a bit of sense--what is the tax code these days except for a hodgepodge of incentives and penalties that costs us $400 billion annually before the government gets a penny of revenue?  But that said, today is not a good day for liberty.

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Mark said...

No, not a good day.