Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stiff competition....

....exists for "most clueless President in history" these days.  Former (thank God!) President Carter made his case earlier this week by claiming that his administration had "harmony" with virtually every nation on earth--ignoring little places like "Iran" and the "Soviet Union," and ignoring the little fact that half the world was under totalitarian slavery at the time.

Yesterday, however, President Obama raised the ante by suggesting that Republicans will need to "sit in the back" during an economic recovery.  One would figured that a black man, of all people, would make the obvious connection to Rosa Parks and "get to the back of the bus," but apparently not.  I figure that this comment should probably be good for the Democrats to lose about three to five more Congressional seats than they were bound to lose without this insanely stupid comment.

We'll keep you posted, and it looks like a humdinger of a contest here for "Most Clueless President in History."

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