Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Please, no anonymous posts

A Chicago columnist named Mike Royko once commented that a lot of people will say things over the Internet that they'd never say in a bar, or even a coffee house. If you wish to join the discussion, please use your real name or your posts will be deleted.

Also, commenters to my posts regarding art would do well to actually read what I've written.

One deleted post commented on how wonderful it is that Sweden's museums are free, and that's a nice thing of socialism. Well, they'd better be, since about 20-25% of the population isn't employed in a regular job. Yes, the museums in Europe are often free, and the citizens are all too often free to enjoy these free museums, and might have difficulty paying the admission fee to boot.

(the "official" rate is much lower, but it doesn't include people on unemployment aid and such...even Labor admits Swedish unemployment is around 15% or higher)


hammerswing75 said...

It is certainly difficult to put into words what constitutes art and what does not. I think, however, it is often quite easy to make a judgement when looking at something. I actually like a fair bit of modern art, but there is much that is just chaffe. I'm just guessing, but I think that there are some skilled artists who put out questionable "art" because it is the fashion and because, like the rest of us, they must make a living. In our times, too often, offensive art brings reknown which brings the paychecks. Call it selling out or just being realistic.

As to Dr Anon Y Mous, he is entitled to his view, but getting all ornery is not the way to be taken seriously.

Bike Bubba said...

Perhaps "Dr. No Name" needs to be reminded that taking anonymous "pot-shots" is considered "rude," and those who do so may be asked to "leave." Miss Manners, thy work is never done!

Well put on modern art, friend.