Thursday, March 29, 2018

Worse than I'd have thought

This article from CNN scares me, and quite frankly, I'm a bit harder to scare this way.  Back in 1988, I was a "marginal at best" runner on Michigan State's track and cross country teams, and I'd visit the the training room in Jenison Fieldhouse to get ice or get an "ouch" dealt with.  Yes, one of the places where Larry Nassar worked a few years later. 

I got to know who was there while getting ice; Mario Izzo (no relation to Tom), a backup big man, was there often, but most of the others were members of either the men's gymnastics team or cheerleading squad.  So I know well that all that acrobatic jumping can leave someone feeling down. 

But that noted, this story bothers me because training on broken bones and the like leads to lifelong injuries at best.  At worst, I'd have to guess it conditions its victims to be victims of another sort of abuse, like that of Larry Nassar.

Whether or not this was part of some evil plan, those who tell kids to "tough it out" when a doctor diagnoses broken bones and the like need to consider exactly what they're training young athletes to do.  It might be, really, the "sportsball" equivalent of the "casting couch" in acting.

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