Friday, March 30, 2018

Nice work if you can get it?

No, not that I'd sign up for any amount of money to sleep with the President, but this column about says, inadvertently, quite a bit about the media.  Apparently former porn "actress" (whore) Stormy Daniels is arguing that she is entitled to more money because the agreement she signed does not also contain Donald Trump's signature.

Yes, adultery is wrong, and yes, the agreement does appear to be rather odd in its construction, but it strikes me that $130k to keep quiet about a consensual affair that may or may not have occurred is pretty good money for that line of "work", and that maybe, just maybe, she ought to do what whores have always done--simply count the money and go about her way.

Along these lines, there is a line of investigation that I'm not seeing in the media that really ought to be getting some traction.  Specifically, isn't it remarkable that a 38 year old hooker washed up porn actress actress whose "talents" aren't getting much attention lately is simultaneously initiating legal action to get more money while going on a national tour of strip clubs to take pictures with lechers perverts customers for twenty bucks a pop?

Or, really,  it's not a surprise at all.  The most likely reality here is that she's learning the hard way that if you make a career as eye candy, you'd better save your money for when your looks fade.  If we had, as Mitch Berg notes, an industry with printing presses, reporters, websites, and all that devoted to the investigation of truth, we might find out something very interesting about this case.  Specifically, Stephanie Clifford is most likely broke.

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