Friday, March 30, 2018

Half a million wasted

It strikes me that Michigan State both spent half a million bucks to monitor the social media accounts of the victims of Larry Nassar and their loved ones, and had a spokesman (and other personnel) who were apparently unaware that Rachael Denhollander had a law license and had been involved in the political process since she was a child. 

This is, of course, knowledge that the defense team at MSU would have had if they'd done the hard work of "reading the papers."  Now I'll grant my alma mater the reality that, yes, looking at social media accounts can be a good way of establishing whether a particular witness is credible, but if you won't bother reading the papers, maybe full time monitors of a Twitter feed ain't gonna do you much good.

Ironically, MSU has one of the nation's best journalism schools whose professors could have taught Mr. Engler and his staff something about this.

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