Saturday, August 08, 2015

We stand with Israel

Well, at least Mrs. Bubba and one of our "Bubba-ettes" do.  On the left, Beautifeel,, still in great condition after 15 years, and on the right, new Naot, both from Israel.  They sure make good shoes over there.

Seriously, we stand with Israel and against those who would act as if the Holocaust never happened while working towards another one, not to mention those who would provide over one hundred billion dollars towards Iran's terrorist efforts.  May the mullahs of Iran, and those who stand with them, end up at ground zero of the most terrifying weapon ever developed in Iowa--the hog doot cannon made infamous by Dave Barry.  And may Persia recover its greatness and start producing great Shirazes again.

And  here's a cool shot that another Bubba-ette made recently. 

Just serious coolness there.

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