Friday, August 28, 2015

A strong hat tip

.....goes out to "Mr. Money Mustasche", as profiled in the Art of Manliness, who has done Dave Ramsey one better by apparently managing to retire at age 30 despite not having huge stock options, executive pay, and the like.  As one would infer from reading The Millionaire Next Door, Pete and his family achieved financial freedom the old fashioned way--by living well below their means and devoting themselves to saving. 

Now I've obviously not achieved the same freedom as he has--for starters, six children instead of one and tithing slows down my saving for reasons I do not regret at all--but there are a number of things he recommends that I can wholeheartedly endorse.  For starters, he's a big proponent of living a bit tougher and riding a bicycle when possible--and that includes when that white stuff is on the ground.  Word.  I especially like this little bit about bicycles--it's a nice parallel to something I wrote a few years back, ROI on a $10,000 bicycle.  He's also an environmentalist who is honest about "eco" cars, noting that you have to burn a lot of fuel to create a Prius or a Tesla.

A final thing I like about Pete; everything he does appears to be free to those who would follow him.  Well done, Pete, and God bless you.

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