Friday, August 21, 2015

On state sponsorship of terrorism

Way back in the days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, when I was in college, I took a history class about the 19th century in Europe, and a particular story the professor related still resonates in my mind.

Apparently, at some point in the late 19th century, members of the Reichstag and other influential Germans became very concerned about the situation in Cameroon.  French forces in neighboring French colonies greatly outnumbered the German force in Cameroon, and they wanted Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to reinforce the German garrison.

When von Bismarck refused, they asked why.  So he asked them if it would it be an act of war if French forces invaded Cameroon.  They admitted that yes, it would be an act of war.  Bismarck then pointed out that if the French desired war with Germany, they would get a war along the Rhine.

Apparently there was no more discussion after that; the point had been made.  And it strikes me that when we have state sponsors of terrorism--say like Iran--maybe this ought to be our policy.  Quit messing around with containing proxy armies and strike state sponsors of terrorism at home.

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