Thursday, August 13, 2015

My experience with sensitive information

I've made this comment elsewhere, but one thing that will illustrate how big of a deal Hilliary Clinton's email server is is my experience working for a defense contractor in Redondo Beach (think "RTX" from "Falcon and the Snowman").  Although I never held any level of security clearance, it was made very clear at new employee orientation that if you were found mishandling any level of sensitive or classified information, you would be having a very unpleasant meeting with human resources when the matter was found out, and in many cases that would be just prior to (or sometimes after) an even more unpleasant meeting with the FBI or other government officials.  Entire floors and buildings devoted to classified work were behind doors locked to other employees without security clearances--or would be denied even to those with security clearances, but without direct involvement in the project.

In other work I've done where classified and otherwise sensitive information was at hand (ITAR especially), similar procedures were followed.  For the ITAR work, the one non-citizen in the plant was named so we would not show him that data. 

In both cases, it was very clear, and routinely so, that if you mishandled this data, you would quickly find yourself looking for a job, and probably for a good lawyer as well.  Even finding yourself in a room where the matter might be discussed was a matter for concern--let's keep in mind that the Soviets obtained the information necessary to build the atomic bomb and ultraquiet submarines through espionage.  Who knows what they got from Ed Snowden. 

And had I told people at "RTX" or my other employer that I'd be handling my job from my home email, I guarantee you that I'd have been having that very uncomfortable talk with human resources that very day, and depending on the circumstances, the FBI probably would have had my computer before nightfall. 

So for Hilliary to get away with this this just boggles the mind, really.  Some people belong in prison here, and not just the former Secretary of State.

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