Tuesday, August 04, 2015

And here's the butcher's bill......

Now I cannot blame minority communities and others for being unhappy with how Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and others have died in police custody or in confrontations with the police, but recent events in Baltimore (and other cities) indicate how much is at stake for those very communities.  To wit, the homicide rate in Baltimore is about 70 higher than last year and is on pace to reach close to 300, and the drug trade is apparently exploding because the police have been intimidated out of the most dangerous neighborhoods.  Given an overall population of 622,000 people, this murder rate places Baltimore in select company--with Gary, Detroit, and the District of Columbia.

Now this doesn't excuse police misbehavior.  Sure, put an accelerometer in the transport vehicles and punish those who exceed reasonable targets.  Review procedures and get body microphones and cameras on police so people can say "roll tape" when allegations are made?  Absolutely.  Hire lawyers and detectives to review evidence to uncover corrupt investigators and prosecutors who cover up police wrongdoing?  Absolutely.

Chase police out of your neighborhoods?  Think before you act, folks.

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