Thursday, March 02, 2017

On the allegations against Jeff Sessions

What strikes me about the recent Washington Post article claiming Jeff Sessions spoke with the Russian ambassador no less than twice prior to the election is that....ahem, isn't this someone leaking classified information?  Isn't it a fact that people can and do die when intelligence officials leak this kind of thing?

It would be nice if the Post were as worked up about unauthorized release of classified information as a misstatement, possibly a lie, by Jeff Sessions about meeting with ambassadors--something that was, ahem, part of his job as part of the Armed Services Committee.  It is also worth noting that if Senator Franken knew that Sessions had met with the ambassador, he was illegally in possession of classified information--he is not on a committee which requires a security clearance.

Yes, there are some criminals here that need to be prosecuted, specifically writers and editors at the Washington Post, along with their sources in the "deep state."  But Jeff Sessions is not among them.

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