Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Not the way I'd initially expected

A young man's parents are suing because their son was required by his school to share locker rooms--and as a junior, this means showers too--with a biological female who, for reasons known to her, decided she was "male" enough to use the boys' locker room.  Now of course, I don't know her motives, but I know that my response would have been (and would be today) about the same. 

And along those lines, those who genuinely do suffer from this mental illness need to be treated compassionately as well--by not opening up the opposite sex's restrooms and locker rooms to them.  Like it or not, this girl is mentally ill according to DSM-5, and it doesn't do her any good to be exposed to the catcalls of her peers calling her a "freak", "pervert", "slut", and the like.  Never mind what happens to all participants when some boy's body does, or does not, respond to her exposed female form.

Isn't high school tough enough without this kind of silliness?   


Gino said...

much of it depends on if she's hot, or not.

Bike Bubba said...

Maybe, maybe not. I can figure out ways that a boy could be humiliated by a beautiful girl in the locker room, and other ways a boy could be humiliated by a plain Jane in the same place.

Hearth said...

At some point it's not going to be a nice young man who's embarrassed, it's going to be a not-nice group of young men who decide to do some "hazing". People have the brains of dead slugs sometimes.

Bike Bubba said...

All kinds of bad things happen when people think they're in private and someone has let their guard down, really.

Minor reproof; let's stop picking on dead slugs. They are nowhere near as dumb as our society sometimes. :^)

Hearth said...

Too true. And here me a proud former Banana Slug, too. :D

Bike Bubba said...

My sister-in-law sent UC-Santa Cruz shirts to all of us a few years back....and one of the people who helped lead me to Christ sang a song (no kidding) changing "La Bamba" to "Banana Slug". So I passed it on by persuading a group of young 'uns in kids activities at church to reject the name "Killer Whales" in favor of "Banana Slugs."

Go Slugs!