Friday, March 10, 2017

Gun control logic

Apparently in 2015, an entire container full of firearms from Sturm, Ruger, and Company was stolen by gang-bangers in Chicago.  111 firearms were stolen, some of which were of course used by Chicago's many gangs.

Now of course, the city and various community organizers therein are wondering why the railroads don't hire more security to prevent things like this, but it occurs to me that if the trains were moving, instead of parked at the railyards, then it would be far more difficult to rob them.  Along these lines, a train that could go around the city in a few hours if the tracks were clear actually takes 27 hours on average to get around the city.  That's a lot of time for the Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples to work.

But that said, 111 guns is a drop in the bucket in Chicago, and railroads are one of the few things going on the South Side, so maybe this isn't the big reason to change how trains go around the Windy City.  Cutting of one's nose to spite one's face, as it were.

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