Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's assume the IRS is being honest,

....and that they didn't know that asking questions about member prayers and addresses was illegal, that they didn't have a clue that a "Tea Party Only" rule for extended scrutiny would be seen as being politically motivated, and that the problem was limited to only a few people.

That would still mean that people with stellar performance records at the IRS are too dense to figure these things out, which would in turn mean that the systems in place for selecting them, managing them, and evaluating their performance are incapable, more or less, off differentiating a Forrest Gump from Albert Einstein.

Sounds like a good reason to reduce the size of government to me. 

Another great example of government incompetence; White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer has suggested that Republicans need to apologize to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice for thinking that she actually would have had access to the evidence behind the administration's Benghazi lies. 

If I were John Boehner, I'd give it to them; I apologize to Ms. Rice for assuming that her manager would have the basic human decency of including her in discussions of the evidence instead of feeding her a line of baloney to share with the world. 

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