Friday, May 31, 2013

Here's a shocker

More and more evidence is coming up that demonstrates that the Obama administration, like the Clinton administration before it, was using the IRS to persecute his personal enemies list, and this enemies list includes pro-life activists and conservatives not affiliated with the Tea Party movement.

And if you believe that, with 157 visits by the IRS commissioner to the White House, that someone working (and living) at the White House wasn't coordinating this, I've got a bridge I can sell to you cheap. 

Our President's full name; Barack Hussein Khalidi Wright Pfleger Ayers Jackson Daley Blagojevich Milhous Obama.  Also, Betsy Hart asks a very relevant question; since it was becoming clear in March 2012 that there was a suspicious pattern of audits of enemies of Barack Milhous Obama, why didn't the GOP make an issue of it last year?   The excuse could be either cowardice, the government so corrupt, we can't even figure out where to start in cleaning it up?

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