Thursday, May 09, 2013

A bit of humor

As I walked up to the counter to pay for the food I was buying at the gas station today, cycling shoes going "skritch skritch" on the floor and my helmet in my hand, I was asked this:

Any gas with that?

Um, no.  Speaking of (natural) gas, and vehicles made to run on it, yet another of the Energy Department's "investments" has proven to be a flop.  Take a gander at a picture of these vehicles:

Gosh, where have I seen this vehicle before?  Let's see....

My apologies to the Trabant, of course.  Its Stalinesque styling is far better than VPG's.  Really, as the Detroit 3 have "only" been making natural gas powered vehicles for decades, and VPG was only "repurposing" the Indiana factory that used to make the Humvee, I've got to wonder what the DOE was thinking with this.  Even if the company had succeeded, it would have added nothing to the market.

But, if the boss says that you've got to spend other peoples' money on something, I guess....

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