Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Let's worry about a drone strike

I'm not usually a fan of anonymous sources, but apparently anonymous sources within the White House have released this diagram illustrating the various types of terrorists to be found in the United States, and who might be subject to a drone strike whenever Eric Holder is persuaded that his dimly-lit legal rationale for withholding drone strikes is incorrect.  (h/T Vox Day)  Here is the diagram:

From the top left, I'm certainly #1 and sometimes #4, my wife is #3 and #5, my children have been #6 and #14 and #17, our family is #10 (will become #9 if no drones strike), and we've got three apparati that look a little bit like #22.  So if you hear about a home in the Wasioja metropolitan area being vaporized due to such terrorism, now you know what happened.

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