Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Atheism Day

And if you're confused, look up Psalm 14:1.

In related news, the British have decided to emulate the Aussies in terms of border control, and have dug a miles-wide moat around the whole island.  The project name for this is the "English Channel", and naysayers who argue that it's been there for thousands of years, effectively preventing invasions of decent food and wine from France, are of course being ignored.  Opponents also point out that the "Australian Channel", otherwise known as the Indian and Pacific Oceans, have failed to prevent drinkable wines from being made there, and some even argue that the island continent has even recovered from its heritage of being a penal colony English cooking.

Actually, no, they're contemplating requiring immigrants from "high risk" nations to post a bond that would be forfeited if they overstay their visa.   Suffice it to say that I'm finding it hilarious that island nations are doing more to monitor their borders than our own. 

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