Friday, April 19, 2013

How to fail at just about anything

Now you my get your way, as President Obama has repeatedly, but if you want your work to be a failure, you can do little better than to approach it as our "Dear Leader" is doing right now.

How so?  Well, he's announcing that since he didn't get his way on universal background checks, he's only now going to investigate the possibility of altering privacy regulations to enhance the reporting of mental illness to the Brady check database.

Now why is this a failure?  Simple.  He had almost everyone, including the NRA, endorsing better mental illness controls, and apparently nobody has been working on this.  In other words, he's going for the "quick kill" as he did with the Health Insurance Deform Act ("Obamacare"), and the ugly reality is that even if he "wins", we all lose because it's simply not well thought out.

Just ask Max Baucus.

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