Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Contemplations on gun control

Perhaps the reason Mr. Obama wants to ban 30 round magazines is because he's afraid that many gun owners might be as bad of a shot as he is with a basketball.  Let's face it; if Mr. Obama were missing that wildly with a pistol, he could do some serious damage, couldn't he?

Also in the news, Democrats are proposing mandatory liability insurance for gun owners--well, at least Democrats in safe seats, I guess.  OK, let's think about this.  First of all, 98% or more of gun deaths are intentional (homicide or suicide), and almost all insurance policies do not cover intentional acts.   Of course, the Democrats demonstrated quite clearly in March, 2010 that they didn't exactly understand the purpose of insurance, didn't they? 

One might also suggest that if there is significant evidence that someone poses a risk to themselves or others by owning a gun, you might prohibit them from buying one--as has been done, of course, nationwide since 1968, and enforced by the Brady check since 1994.  Evidently they've forgotten about the laws they've already passed.

So what's the real purpose, besides harassing law-abiding gun owners?  Well, I'm guessing they're worried about President Obama pulling a Dick Cheney on a larger scale if he ever takes up skeet shooting for real....

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