Friday, January 04, 2019

Pure brilliance?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has just come out endorsing a plan to (a) pretty much end the use of fossil fuels and (b) tax high earners at up to 70% to fund it.  In parallel brilliance, a Muslim congresswoman from Dearborn has, ostensibly to stand against bullies, used some of her first comments in office to threaten to "impeach the mother******".  Sounds a lot like Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez never learned about the mobility of capital in her "economics" degree, and like Congress-woman Tlaib is in serious need of a dictionary and a mirror.

Just the new hands?  Nope, first thing Nancy "The Knife" Pelosi did was to file a bill trying to overturn a Supreme Court 1st Amendment decision.  Good luck with that one, Mack, but as for me, I think our gal's done something rash.  Worse yet, she apparently thinks that Congress has power to unilaterally amend the Constitution, and has filed a bill to end the electoral college and limit pardon power.

Democrats out there, this is what you are voting for.  Maybe think about the matter a bit?

On the bright side, as someone who dislikes UCLA, I can almost approve of Bill Walton's suggestion that would make John Wooden spin in his grave; appoint Barack Obama as head coach of UCLA.   Nothing says "most successful program in history" like a coach who famously missed 20 of 22 shots in a public event.  If he's qualified, so am I, but really, my history of throwing up bricks really qualifies me more for Scottish Rite than it does to sully the legacy of John Wooden. 

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