Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Not even if they were all Democrats

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has decreed that every North Korean citizen must produce 100kG (about 221 lbs) of human waste each day.  My first thought was that not even liberal/progressive Democrats produce that much, and my second thought is that perhaps the North Koreans could benefit from buying shiploads of "Colon Blow Cereal".

Third thought is that if each of 25 million North Koreans were actually to produce 100kG of waste daily, that would be nearly 8kG of waste per square meter, enough to cover the entire country 1cm deep in human waste, almost as much as you'll see in San Francisco.  Maybe we should send our bums to North Korea to help out.

Really, anyone who would endorse Communism or socialism needs to come to grips with the fact that their five year plans generally ignore not only the laws of economics, but also biology, chemistry, and physics, and that those writing them are blissfully unaware of what the consequences of "success" would be.

Or, put more bluntly, they're making "manure" up.

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