Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Now that's very interesting....

I saw this one last night while working out; Stephanie Clifford's "lawyer" has made a bombshell claim that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen received a large payment from Russian sources.  Now on the surface, this seems like really big news, but (having learned a few lessons about the media these days) upon about a second's reflection, I'm about 98% sure this is actually bad news for Michael Avenatti and perhaps even Robert Mueller.

How so?  Simply consider how on earth Avenatti could have learned this.  Barring a sympathetic mole in Cohen's office, his claim is either a lie (and he's in peril of disciplinary action), or his source is in Robert Mueller's office--in which case he and someone in Mueller's office is in peril of being prosecuted.

Ordinarily, I'd approach the Cohen/Avenatti spat about the same way I'd approach a football game between Miami and USC--hoping for injuries on both sides--but it's intriguing how "The Donald" seems to have a knack for making brilliant people make absolutely idiotic mistakes.

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