Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Looks like he failed

Larry Nassar's former boss, William Strampel, commented that his primary goal in the investigation of Nassar was to protect the reputation of MSU.  Maybe I'm hopelessly na├»ve, but I dare suggest he failed.

I obviously won't be at the hearing for Strampel's firing, but it would be very interesting to see Strampel try to explain why he (and 3-4 other colleagues of Nassar) didn't tell the Title IX lawyer that no, manipulation of the breasts was unlikely to effectively manipulate the pelvic fascia tissues.  One would figure that anyone who had passed first semester anatomy, or who for that matter was familiar with the relative locations of the "pelvis" and "breasts" on the female body, just might have picked up on that little detail, but no such luck. 

That, along with an idiot comment about one victim's testimony being "cherry on the cake of his day", ought to convey Strampel's career to the Place de la Concorde posthaste, and deservedly so.  I'll be, so to speak, knitting and watching.

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