Wednesday, February 07, 2018

How to train to be an Olympic athlete?

If the condom allocation for athletes in the Olympic Village is any indication--it's apparently 40 per athlete--it doesn't have anything to do with skates, skis, or sleds.  I can see understanding that some things are going to happen, I can see a few for souvenirs, but....seriously?

And really, there is a big choice to be made here.  Obviously a portion of Olympians believes "what happens in the Olympic Village stays in the Olympic Village", and the problem with this is that others around them start to assume that all such athletes--or even aspiring athletes--are sexually available.  If you want to protect young athletes' innocence, I dare suggest that reining in the behavior of older athletes might be a good place to start.

Other examples of this reality include the case of a White House worker shown the door after two of his ex-wives claimed abuse, as well as a fraternity at Cornell holding a contest to determine which members could have sex with the most, and largest, women on campus.  If you want to be respected, you cannot be easy.

Update: as if on cue, Sports Illustrated has decided that they're going to "honor" #MeToo by having models pose nude. OK, it's not that much of a jump from body paint, but I would have hoped that they'd simply have the decency to lie low in this case.....


Elspeth said...

Eww. That is all.

Bike Bubba said...

Just one ewwww? I was thinking this post ought to generate at least a few ewwws in response..... :^)