Thursday, February 22, 2018

How to deal with school shootings

Reading the papers, a number of proposals are out there to prevent, or at least reduce the lethality of, school shootings.  I've seen a minimum age of 21 for buying a gun, bans of semi-automatic rifles, bans of all semi-automatic firearms, and even repeal of the 2nd Amendment being proposed by gun control advocates.  On the side of freedom, you've got proposals for improving school security (including armed teachers), fixing gaps in police work, and looking at the impact of family and mental illness.

Regarding the gun control proposals, the simple fact of the matter is that almost all kinds of modern firearms are represented in mass killings, and almost all school shooters are below 18--which means that the weapons were obtained illegally to begin with.  Banning categories of firearms simply makes the whole enterprise a game of whack-a-mole, banning category after category after each new atrocity reveals yet more ways people can hurt each other.  My favorite proposal is the age 21 limit for owning a gun; OK, a young person is mature enough to be a police officer or soldier, but not to own a gun?  Seriously? 

Really, the gun control proposals all come down in the end to a single thing; the end of the 2nd Amendment.  Remembering what happened in the 20th century with gun confiscation--mass genocide killing over 100 million innocents--I'll pass on that idea.

What's at stake in this debate is simple; whether we are going to blame people, or inanimate objects, for the consequences of sin.   I'm going to go with "people", thank you very much.

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