Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Time to drain the swamp

It appears that the Department of Defense is routinely failing to report criminal convictions to the Brady background check system, including for the (redacted) who shot up a church in Texas.  Just as in many, many other cases, heads need to roll over this, and quite frankly I think we need an auditor to make sure that court martials do indeed report things like domestic violence.  In the case of the (redacted), his crimes really amount to aggravated assault if not attempted murder; we are not talking about a borderline case where someone yelled at his wife and was prosecuted for it.

Yes, it would kill a certain number of military careers if these convictions were faithfully reported, and that's probably why they were not.  But if these men are not safe to their families, exactly why would we assume they'd be safe around their fellow soldiers?

Long and short of it is that those who failed to report convictions need to lose their jobs, and we the taxpayers should end up paying significant damages to those hurt and killed in the recent atrocity.


Tyler Robbins said...

I linked to a similar article on my FaceBook wall, and stated the following:

"This is not surprising. Speaking for the Navy, it is extremely out of the ordinary for local security force detachments to even fingerprint suspects under apprehension, much less submit these cards to the NCIS for entry into NCIC after the case has been adjudicated at an Article 15, or a courts-martial. I am not surprised the Air Force similarly failed in this instance. Local security detachments generally aren't fingerprinting subjects, so, likewise, they likely aren't submitting prints and disposition information. This isn't just an Air Force problem."

Bike Bubba said...

Yikes. The most shocking thing I've heard about this so far is that no reports to NCIS have been made about domestic violence, as if that never happens among military families, and that there aren't even clear codes for that. It's as if the goal is to say "well, we didn't look, so we didn't find it, therefore there's no problem." Reminds me of how Democrats approach issues of vote fraud, really.