Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How to deal with North Korea?

One thing that caught my eye about the escape of "Sergeant Oh" from North Korea was that his stomach was filled with uncooked field corn, and was infested with worms; quite a bit of neglect considering he was part of a theoretically elite unit.  This would imply, really, that the country may be quite a paper tiger held together by a core of only a few hundred people.

This, in turn, implies that Charlton Heston showed us exactly how to deal with North Korea in the 1961 film El Cid; the city of Valencia (actually filmed in Peniscola) rebels against the North African garrison when the besieging army throws not rocks, fire, or dead animals into the city, but rather bread. 

Just might be crazy enough to work, and with a bit of luck, Sophia Loren might do a cameo.

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