Monday, July 17, 2017

Sexist dress code?

Apparently the LPGA has issued a new dress code saying that pros are not to wear shirts with plunging necklines, leggings, or short skirts, and predictably, Teen Vogue and at least one golfer are saying that the new regulations constitute "body-shaming."

Beyond the obviousness of citing "Teen Vogue" as a resource for what makes sense on the golf course, I've got to note that I'm 100% fine with it if the PGA men's tour also bans shirts with plunging necklines, leggings, and short skirts.  Especially if John Daly is playing.

Speaking of which, I would agree that both the men's and ladies' golf tours might benefit from applying some basic rules for attire more consistently.  Unless the tours should look like this.


Gino said...

I guess it all depends on the woman wearing the short skirts. If she's attractive, I'm all in favor.

Hearth said...

Golf is not exactly a fashion forward sport.

For amusement... I worked at a golf co for a while, and the boss said our dress code was "country club". I just wore what the guys wore (khakis/polos) but I've always wished I had actually CALLED a country club and worn something rather more fabulous... and just handed him the faxed dress code from Torrey Pines or something. He'd have laughed.

Bike Bubba said...

I am remembering the time when, while at a dinner at a golf club, I put my bright green napkin on my lap, and a friend of mine chided me for wearing golf clothes.

I'm going to stick with the basic principle that if you want John Daly to cover up, you've simultaneously got to ask the same of Annika Sorenstam or whoever. Plus, I'm not completely persuaded that beauty is best shown off by going as close to a bikini, or outright nudity, as regulations will allow. There is a reason smart people leave a little to the imagination, no?

Hearth said...

I agree.

I just look *terrible* in khakis and polo shirts.

Gino said...

leave a little to the imagination, but not too much... because i have a wild imagination with the right stimulation.