Monday, July 03, 2017

Absolutely true

Bernie Sanders has made the claim that the investigation into his wife's fraudulent loan applications--which cost lenders, including the Catholic church, up to ten million dollars--is due to the GOP.

Well, yes, we've learned well over the past eight years that the Democrats do very well covering up their scandals and refusing to allow a robust investigation, but I'm afraid that doesn't make me want to pull the lever for them anytime soon.

It is heartening, however, to see the left and the media very interested in propriety after some admittedly obnoxious tweets by the President.  One wonders, however, where they were when President Obama was flipping people off during speeches, when "Senator" Franken was beating up protesters and robbing the Boys' and Girls' Club, when Joe Biden was pegging the creep-o-meter draping himself over female politicians and appointees, when Gerry Studds' boyfriend was turning their condo into a brothel, when "Senators" Dodd and Kennedy were making waitress sandwiches, and of course when the "Godfather" of the left was caught getting some action from a White House intern.

Apparently all that concern about "propriety" only registers when the offender is not a part of the left.

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