Friday, July 14, 2017

A difficult problem

Now I am not anticipating that people will really take action on these issues, but it strikes me that there are any number of people in government who really need to be punished severely for what they've done.  You can start with the IRS agents using political affiliation as a proxy for increased audits, continue to the hordes of bureaucrats feloniously leaking state secrets for political advantage, go on to crime lab employees falsifying circumstantial evidence (and getting stoned in the process), and of course a former Presidential candidate who kept classified information on her private server, and a Presidential candidate's wife who defrauded banks to fund the college she headed at the time.  And of course, we're just getting started!

Sad to say, there is not enough room in federal prisons to house all of them without releasing other dangerous criminals. So what should we do?

Well, I dare say that we can take a page from the book of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, clothing them in pink and feeding them bologna sandwiches as we let them help build a border fence.  Problem solved, and with a bit of luck, we'll have taught them a useful trade by which they can earn a living, too, while reducing their likelihood of heart disease and diabetes through a lean diet and useful exercise.  The way I see it, we solve at least a portion of government corruption, illegal immigration, Medicare sustainability, budget issues, and more in one fell swoop.

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