Friday, June 16, 2017

Truer than it ought to be

A study commissioned by the Babylon Bee (Christian satire) "finds" that AC/DC's Highway to Hell is more sound, theologically speaking, than 96% of 800 Christian worship songs on the CCLI playlist typically performed on Sundays.

Now of course this is satire, but there is a grain of truth here; too many CCM songs are simply genre like "Jesus is my boyfriend", whereby the lyrics of modern love lust ** songs are slightly modified to speak of Christ, and sung as if they were Biblical.  At least Bon Scott (who soon after he wrote that sing does appear to have gone to Hell, by the way) was honest enough to note that his life of rebellion to God would lead to eternity in Hell with those who partied with him. 

So while I'm not ready to emulate Perry Noble and have my church play Scott's minimum nadir on Resurrection Day, I am ready to remind my "vast readership" that Christian music ought to have a distinctly Biblical message by which the Word of God may be conveyed to the people of God.  Many thanks to the heavy metal bands of the world who, by using metaphors from Scripture, remind us of that.

** One side note here is that when I thought back about most of the "love songs" I've heard since childhood, they are overwhelmingly "lust songs" with lines that make clear that the song is, shall we say, about a relationship consummated prior to or outside of marriage.  As such, they will tend to, shall we say, have lyrical and stylistic hints about that sort of relationship--hints not appropriate to Christian music, either before or after the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, to put it mildly.

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