Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The wages of being unobservant

....are amply shown in this "weight loss expert's" comment about imposing a "fat tax" on obese peoples' clothes.  Apparently, this hypnotist has not only lost four stone due to hypnosis, but has also completely forgotten the experience of shopping at "big & tall" and "plus sizes" stores to realize that, due to the specialty nature of quality clothes for those of height and girth, plus the reality of extra fabric needed to cover the same, clothes for the obese are indeed more expensive than those for people of average size.

Either that, or he was one of those buying stretch pants at Wal-mart a size or two too small....


Hearth said...

I'd agree that vanity sizing should go - I mean, I'm the same tag size I was in HS. Quite a lot heavier. But the same "size".

Otherwise, um... do people seriously think heavy people don't know they're fat and don't care? YES encourage doctors to be realistic - but shopgirls? Hello, trying to make a sale... they're not going to tell you the truth.

Maybe we should make the weight loss expert exclusively shop at Abercrombie, what say? :D

Bike Bubba said...

Let's just say that I remember a time when I softened comments to show grace to a coworker of girth, and she said with a huge, gracious smile "Now come on, do you think I've never stood in front of a mirror?"

So good point on the self-awareness.

Regarding whether to force this guilty man to shop and A& F, why violate the 8th Amendment and make the world an uglier place? For whatever faults or virtues he has, he's a decent dresser. :^)