Monday, May 15, 2017

"Never again"?

Apparently the Syrian government has not only been killing political opponents at an incredible rate for the past five years, but they may also have built a crematorium to hide the evidence.  Data consistent with a crematorium include the general construction of the building and clear evidence of a lot of heat escaping from the building. 

I'm looking forward to the Russian, Iranian, and Syrian explanations when Nikki Haley gets a hold of the pictures and shows them to the U.N.  Apparently some people are a little slow on the uptake on what "never again" means.

Update: given that the U.N. World Intellectual Property Organization appears to be involved in granting the North Koreans a patent for sodium cyanide production, I'm not anticipating wonderful things from the U.N.  It is, after all, the North Koreans who have supplied Syria with large amounts of chemical weapons, including this precursor to hydrogen cyanide, also known to the world as Zyklon B.

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