Friday, July 10, 2015

What is scarier......

.....that two hackings of OPM databases in our federal government yielded over 30 22 million records, or that OPM databases held over 30 22 million records in the first place?  It strikes me that whatever the Chinese (or whoever) do with all this information, it will have to be big to be bigger than the damage we've already done to ourselves. 

Or is it scariest that, knowing that some of those records were extremely sensitive, the government chose to store all of them in one place for "one stop shopping" for data thieves?  Apparently in the minds of government cybersecurity experts, "security" means "keep the whole fleet in Pearl Harbor where it's safe." 

Nah, what's scariest is that the former head of OPM had zero experience in human relations outside of political appointments.  But we knew already what the risks are to hiring someone based on their race or ethnicity despite having no real world experience, didn't we? 

Maybe it's time to check my credit records.....  Who knows what is in that database......government stupidity just boggles the mind sometimes. 

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