Friday, July 10, 2015

It boggles the mind

Apparently, a young "pop tartlet" is making a statement about childhood obesity by going into a donut shop, licking the frosting off a number of pastries, and returning them to the tray without paying for them.   Seems to me that many three year olds achieve childhood obesity by doing about the same thing, just without telling the world that they hate America.

Personally, I am planning on protesting adult obesity by eating the "Monster Thickburger" at Hardee's, or possibly with a trip to the "Heart Attack Grill."  Anyone care to join me?

In related news, some activists have a really great idea if you're yearning for romance; "affirmative consent" forms that you can sign with your spouse before completing the act.  Optimally, according to the Washington Examiner, participants will film the signing so that there is no doubt about both parties' consent.

With all due respect, isn't this kind of thing--at least if it becomes public--the only reason anyone cares about Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, if you catch my drift?  Because if you want to PROVE willingness, you can't exactly sign the contract in a business suit.  I prefer the method Mrs. Bubba and I used--putting a ring on it.  No camera needed.

Along those same lines, an Irish fitness blogger  has achieved "viral" status by revealing that her (ex) boyfriend had given her a black eye after she confronted him about his infidelity.  Now I know a bit about domestic violence, so my condolences to Ms. Murphy for what she's gone through, and it takes some guts.  Good for her.

But that said, I couldn't help but notice that she hadn't put a ring on it, and the statistics are clear; cohabitation is inferior to marriage in many ways, including a doubling of the rate of domestic violence.  Back to the title, it boggles the mind that we can praise women for when they get out of a bad situation, but are unwilling to tell their friends; if you want to avoid domestic violence, make it legal.  Don't just shack up.


Hearth said...

Well. You and I can, because we have daughters.


Bike Bubba said...

I warned my brother about the domestic violence issue when he shacked up with his now-wife. Thankfully statistics were not destiny for them.

Not easy, but possible, no?

Connie Perry said...

My heart goes out to that young lady in Ireland. I'm thankful for you, Bikebuba. We've been blessed...19 years and 6 healthy kids.

Gino said...

ok, so a young couple film themselves signing a consent form? after the signing, does either of them have the right to withdraw consent at any time during process of the act?

this is important. better film the entire thing to conclusion, just to be safe... and save copies to prove innocence later.

Bike Bubba said...

It strikes me that even if the tape (which "accidentally" ends up on the Internet of course) appears to show someone totally enjoying the experience, somebody will say that they were just pretending and it was really rape. I don't think you can win with some people, really, except by saying "that's nonsense" when you're on the jury.