Monday, July 20, 2015


.....the appliance industry is pushing against proposed new federal regulations that would limit dishwasher water usage to 3.1 gallons per cycle from the current 5--and from the pre-2012 6.5.  Now speaking as a guy who routinely runs the dishwasher on "rinse & hold" before a full "tough" cycle with all the bells and whistles in an effort to get dishes clean, I've got just one thing to say.

It's about time somebody pushed back. 

Part of the fun is that the DOE is estimating that dishwashers will last an average of 20 years (2-3x longer than they actually last), and that the industry will keep jobs while producing 35% fewer dishwashers.  Good luck with that logic.   Independent examination of the DOE proposal indicates that 70% of users would actually use more energy because they'd have to do a lot more hand washing.

As patriarch of a large family, I'd guess it's even worse than that.  We do a lot of hand washing simply because the dishwasher takes four hours to run.  Given that a shower is 20 gallons, I really don't see why the dishwasher needs to be below ten.  Clean dishes in an hour or two are worth it.


Gino said...

i dishwasher could last 20yrs, but you'd pay for it 5 times over with repairs.
when a new one can be got for $400, or less, why pay a $250 simple repair bill?

Bike Bubba said...

I'm not even quite sure that repairing it could make it go that long because the companies stop making parts after about 7-10 years. It's like trying to keep a relatively unpopular car running after 10 years or so--aftermarket didn't pick it up, so you're jury-rigging everything. It's not fun, and it's expensive, too.

My view is that DOE is working firmly in the land of make believe these days.

Hearth said...

I called on getting my dishwasher repaired a few months back, was informed that "not cleaning very well" is no longer something they repair (they used to) particularly on 5yo dishwashers, and I should just use some dishwasher cleaner or get a new one.

Ugh. I'm old enough to remember when repairing your appliances was *what you did* and replacing them was the last resort. And when they lasted 20 years. It's wasteful and irritating, this new way.