Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thoughts for the day

Per my earlier comment, it appears that the problems at the University of Michigan go far, far deeper than Brady Hoke.  How so?  Well, apparently they're recruiting their new football coach from.....traditional powerhouse doormat Duke (and got rejected!), and they've just dropped two games to Eastern Michigan and New Jersey Institute of Technology.  Oddly, it seems that NJIT shirts are being shipped to a lot of the same addresses where Appalachian State t-shirts were shipped in 2007.  Go figure.

Seriously, I'm hoping that Jim Harbaugh gets the job, as it would be really good for Michigan and the Big 10 as a whole.  The trick is whether they'd let him get rid of the general studies program that is the shame of Michigan athletics, and would they give him a few years to get excellent players who can also read. 

I'm guessing no, but if it happens, it could put a lot of pressure on my alma mater to curtail some of the "comm arts" majors taken almost solely by athletes.  And they need the help, as the state of scholarship there is such that feminist groups are calling for George Will to be uninvited because.....he questioned statistics and methods related to the issue of sexual assault.  Good to know that Michigan State is doing such a good job teaching people how to think.  Sigh.

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