Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tears are flowing in Columbus, East Lansing

....Madison, St. Paul, Lincoln, College Park, State College, Evanston, and probably even Iowa City, Bloomington, West Lafayette, Champaign-Urbana, and Piscataway.  Not to mention Crawfordsville, where the Little Giants were hoping to get a big payday playing the stinky weasels.  Why so?

Our favorite Michigan football coach ever, Brady Hoke, has been fired.  Let's all hope that blue can get another coach to do as well as Hoke and Rich Rodriguez did there.  Word has it that this was sung at his firing:

Hail to the Unabomber's school
where the students smoke and drool
Hail to Michigan, 4-20 hash fest!

hail to the Unabomber's school
where the profs smoke and drool
Hail to Michigan, the weenies of the West!

Well, at least those are lyrics, cleaned up a touch, a little like those we'd sing in East Lansing and Columbus.  Go get 'em, General Studies majors from the "Harvard of the Midwest."  If Harvard were known for a 50% graduation rate for their football team, and half of those with degrees which are completely worthless, that is.

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