Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Great times in family Bible time

We were discussing Gideon's destruction of his father's shrines to Ba'al and Asherah as a family last night, and my children not illogically suggested cutting down all the trees (Asherah is said by many to have been worshipped in sacred groves in the same way that Druids and Teutonic pagans did) to prevent this.  My response;

The poor trees didn't do anything to deserve a bunch of naked pagans dancing around them.

Somehow my kids thought that was a pretty funny picture.  So if anyone tells you that reading God's Word as a family is boring, think again.  And as people who have lived around Boulder could tell you, it's not just Gideon who has the opportunity to cut down sacred groves infested by naked pagans.


Jim Peet said...

Of course we are empty nesters and have been for 12 years but Kathee and I love our "Bible time".

Bike Bubba said...

:^) It can be a treasure even if multiple family members aren't rolling on the floor laughing.

But it's a treasure when they are, too. :^)