Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Not a good sign for our republic

It's being reported that over three thousand peace officers will be required to cover the GOP Convention this year in St. Paul, and that the overall bill for convention security will come to about fifty million dollars, or about $25,000 per delegate, if I remember correctly the number of delegates that will be attending.

Now as one who has attended his share of GOP events, let me assure you that this isn't an ordinary expenditure for Republicans, but rather the kind of thing that you need to do when you have thousands of people who think that it is somehow their right to disrupt meetings held by those with whom they disagree.

Even worse, these protesters generally advocate a form of government in which those who protest were thrown into the gulags without trial. You would think that they'd catch on to this, but evidently not.


pentamom said...

I have paid so little attentino to all of this that I didn't even know until now in which city it was being held.

That being the case, my reaction is:

ST. PAUL?!?!?!? For the GOP convention? Who was smoking what, when that was decided?

Bike Bubba said...

Well, yes, it's a raving liberal town without many of the amenities of a good convention town (like "restaurants"), but you've got to look at the bright side. We've got the Mall of America, barge traffic on the Mississippi, and championship skeeter hunting.

pentamom said...

Okay, I'm willing to look dumb: what is skeeter hunting?

Boy, I'll bet that barge traffic will keep those conventioneers rapt and spellbound.

Bike Bubba said...

That would be a joke about our bloodsucking state bird, sister.

John said...

Of course here in the Mile High City, the Queen City of the Plains,etc., we're expecting the the same kind of reception for the DNC. The ACLU has sued to give the protesters more "access" to the delegates (and lost). I'm not sure how many police are going to be on hand, but Denver got the same funding for Security. Personally, I am taking vacation that week, and staying as far from the festivities as I am able.

Bike Bubba said...

And it's the same cast of characters as will be stinking up Pig's Eye, I reckon. One fun thing the Dems will be doing is putting their protesters in cages. I figure that might make a great bit of footage for a heavy metal video.