Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I had been resisting....

....the urge to call Barack Obama the "Obamassiah", and then he up & pulls this stunt; he apparently is planning to use a "Greek Temple" facade for his acceptance speech in Mile High Stadium. No word yet on which pagan god he's planning on impersonating, or whether he's recruited the "Obama Girl" as a vestal virgin.

I think I'll be very happy to pull the lever for a candidate who doesn't think it's appropriate to do this kind of thing.


pentamom said...

What amazes me is how tin-eared all this stuff is (meaning the posters with halos, the temple-like stages, the over-the-top enthusiasm of his supporters and the way it's encouraged, the European rallies to make him look like a "world candidate.") It's like "make my day" time -- on the one hand, the Obamaite punditry mocks the right for the Obamamessiah references, and on the other hand, everything the O campaign does FEEDS it. If you don't WANT your opponents making fun of your candidate for having a superhero/Messiah/god complex, quit building up that image, for crying out loud!

Theologically, I'm not the sort to look for a single big-A Antichrist, though I think there's a very easy case to be made that the little a, I John meaning, fits here. But for goodness' sake, they certainly are doing everything they can to stir up the people who DO want to see him as the Big A. Is it in-your-face behavior to convey the message that ignorant evangelicals can just stuff it, or do they really not grasp the relationship between acting like you're running for god, and people thinking you might actually want to BE that?

I haven't watched a second of the convention stuff, and I'm blissfully looking forward to not watching the rest of both of them. :-)

Bike Bubba said...

Wow. Maybe I should have been doing this all along--your closer look at his campaign suggests that it's richly deserved.

And well said that he seems to be "running for God" at times. It brings to mind the reality that many on the political left seem to seek to replace the Creator with a god of their own making through politics.

Gabrielle Eden said...

How could such a buffoon possibly be God?

Bike Bubba said...

Even if halfhearted, the very attempt to take on such adulation is blasphemous, isn't it?

My take; I won't be referring to Obama in this manner because it would also be blasphemous for ME to associate my real Messiah with anyone else.