Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Advice missed

In an otherwise excellent article about how to avoid and deal with carjackings, Brett and Kate McKay of The Art of Manliness ignore two important strategies for avoiding car theft:

  1. Your vehicle should be a rusted out, 22 year old pickup with a bent front bumper and a dent or two.
  2. Your vehicle should have a manual transmission.
I figure that if someone steals my ride and gets caught, his punishment might be to drive it for a while.  One disadvantage of driving a rusted out pickup, by the way, is that police officers occasionally give you a close look while you drive by. 


Curly Sue said...

Another nice feature of driving an old rusty,dented pick-up is that if somebody accidentally backs into it, you don't really have a problem as long as the car is still drive-able. Your vehicle just has more character. That happened to me about 16 years ago. I had a Datsun (manual transmission) parked on the street in front of my grandpa's house. The neighbor across the street accidentally slid down his icy winter driveway while backing his car out and hit my truck. He came over right away and confessed. So, I went out to look it at with him. I honestly never would have known if he hadn't told me. He had to point out the dent to me. My truck still functioned, so I didn't care. Fortunately for him, his newer vehicle didn't seem to sustain any noticable damage.

Bike Bubba said...

Bingo. Not needing to worry about some of your things is a huge blessing. thanks for the visit!