Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Fashion Industry in One Quote

From model Karlie Kloss:

my body became more womanly....hips and thighs appeared....I started losing jobs.

Keep in mind here that many would argue that even now, she's quite slender.  What she's saying, really, is that the fashion industry's view of a woman doesn't exactly equate to how women are actually built.  I know that it makes the sewing more difficult, but I do have the dream that someday, somewhere, a fashion designer will figure out how to clothe real women instead of the "boys with breasts" that inhabit fashion runways.


Hearth said...

I think the ORIGINAL thinking was that models should be walking clothes hangars, so that obviously the clothing would look better on the people who owned it. And then models became the standard for beauty, and everything got turned on its head.

The rise of the gay male designer as default is... um.. telling. I'll take Grandpa R. Lauren's designs any day....

Bike Bubba said...

Agreed. I just think that if the model is there to suggest what the clothing ought to look like on a real person, that maybe, just maybe, the model ought to have some of the curves of a real person so you'd know whether they did tucks and so on correctly.