Friday, September 14, 2018

I guess I missed that

Apparently the latest thing in critical race theory is the notion that white men who grow a beard are doing so because of racism.  I guess that explains why Bull Connor was clean shaven, and why Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass wore beards.

On the bright side, if the frontiers of racism have receded so far that we are free to worry about whether or not a man wears a beard, we are in better shape than almost any society in the history of the world.  I don't think we're there, but that some people apparently think we are is a promising sign.


elspeth said...

People are nuts. People at The Atlantic, are extra nuts. Weren't we just talking about the importance of thinking?

Bike Bubba said...

Yup. Part of me wants to have a "politically correct dingbat" party where we can all do the things that folks at the Atlantic and elsewhere are saying is horrible. My favorite is still the feminist claim that eating red meat oppresses women. won't be admitted without at least 3 days worth of stubble, big rare steaks on the grill, Satchmo and Aretha on the turntable (that cultural appropriation), what else....?

Hearth said...

Women won't be admitted without some combination of lace, high heels, or long skirts.