Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Just might be the ticket

Jared Wilson, who works for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, says this:

Wanna see American Christianity become revolutionary, countercultural, and powerful again?  Re-hitch the Bible to your preaching, center on the foolishness of the gospel, and replace pragmatism with gut-spilling prayer.  Let's make Christianity weird again.

I think I'm in.


elspeth said...


Hearth said...

yes this.

I learn more from the "weird" people in my church than the normal ones. They're the ones who will get in your face about your faith walk and challenge you to grow and get Biblical with a capital B.

Hearth said...

Speaking of weird Christians, I'm spending a lot of time listening to Paul Gautchi on youtube. Not because I burn to haul woodchips to the top of my hill, but because his faith and serenity feed me.

Recommend, 'cause it blesses me.