Thursday, June 28, 2018

Help wanted; a mirror

Apparently some of Larry Nassar's victims are being harassed by (sigh) a former MSU staffer because the former staffer is of the opinion that support for any Republican equates to support for Donald Trump, who of course hasn't had the best history around women.

Now apart from the non sequitur in logic, I have to wonder if the dear lady has forgotten against whom Mr. Trump was campaigning--the head of her husband's "bimbo eruption" teams, the wife of the only President who has ever lost a civil judgment for sexual harassment, and the wife of a President credibly accused of forcible rape. 

I don't have to sign off on Mr. Trump's bad behavior to suggest that, ahem, if the left wants to bring the matter up, they seriously need to remember for whom their ballots were cast.  I would dare suggest that their gal did far more to make things worse for women than Mr. Trump ever could.

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